Accreditation and the Mission of SNAS

Accreditation is an impartial and independent formal recognition and attestation of an organization by an accreditation authority confirming its competence to carry out the activities declared in the accreditation certificate and permanently meet the requirements specified by the relevant normative document.

Accreditation is considered to be the essential factor for confidence, in the correctness of an accredited organization’s results. For this reason it should be used for the assessment and evaluation of the results of all activities of which society expects a high level of correctness and confidence.

Accreditation is a tool guaranteeing the highest degree of confidence and that is way it excludes motivation by means of profit and competition.

Accreditation is a service to society and there are no reasons for making a difference between accreditation applied in the voluntary and regulated spheres. It provides confidence in test reports and certificates particularly thanks to the fact that it applies the accreditation criteria according to the ISO/IEC and EN international standards.

Confidence in the equivalency of test reports and certificates issued in one economy with ones issued abroad is based on the principle mentioned. Producers, services providers, consumers and governmental authorities can have confidence in the test results and in certificates issued by the accredited bodies and the governmental bodies can have confidence in the correct application of its regulative measures.

At present, accreditation represents a global structure coordinated and managed by two international organizations: ILAC – International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and IAF – International Accreditation Forum. There is close cooperation between both the above-mentioned organizations and WTO – World Trade Organization and ISO – International Standards Organization as well as the global metrology authority CIPM – Comité International des Poids et Measures. A coordinated procedure of the above-mentioned global organizations creates conditions for a harmonized application of accreditation even if carried out by the national accreditation bodies on the national level.

Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS) as a national accreditation body recognised by the Slovak government fulfils an important function in the national system of conformity assessment, introduced to eliminate technical barriers of domestic and international trade in the Slovak Republic and to support the required quality standard of products, services and consumer protection.

The accreditation of technical activities in Slovakia is performed in accordance with internationally accepted principles determined in the ISO/IEC series 17000 (EN series 45000) and represents a fundamental precondition for the fulfilment of obligations adopted by the SR Government in connection with the accession of the SR to the European Union in May 2004.

In this connection SNAS

  • provides competence assessment of bodies performing conformity assessment (CAB) as an independent third party recognised by the SR Government,

  • grants accreditation certificates to the CABs that officially prove their competence to execute declared activities impartially, independently and of the required professional standard, which is recognised in Slovakia and abroad,

  • as a signatory of EA MLA, ILAC MRA and IAF MRA is considered as a fully equivalent accreditation body in relation to other accreditation bodies - signatories mentioned MLA/BLA/MRA all over the world and as well recognizes the equivalence of results of conformity assessment bodies accredited by another accreditation bodies - signatories MLA/BLA/MRA,

  • provides the required confidence to the clients of the CAB, confirming that the CAB’s activity results are fully reliable. Strong support in this direction is given by the laboratory combined MLAmark and certification combined MRA mark. SNAS as a signatory of ILAC MRA and IAF MLA is authorised to grant an appropriate licence to all CABs accredited by SNAS. This gives the results issued by bodies accredited by SNAS the highest-level of confidence, in relation to their clients all over the world,

  • creates conditions for excluding the multiple assessment of competence in identical fields of activities by various authorities,

  • promotes activities related to the consumer’s protection,

  • provides wide publicity of all accredited CABs in SR and abroad.