Electronic services for providing accreditation services

Since 4th April, 2016 Slovak National Accreditation Service has launched electronic services for providing accreditation services. All processes, including filling in the applications for providing accreditation services, its course, processing results from testing of whole service, are solved electronically – directly by Accreditation Information System (AIS).

It is necessary to have internet connection and web browser for AIS usage. Access to AIS is possible anytime on website https://ais.snas.sk.

New applicants for accreditation have to fill the registration form for their legal entity on https://ais.snas.sk.

Application for accreditation services can be submit only through AIS.

More information about working in AIS you can find in the User's Guide for the Subject, accessible after logging into the system by clicking on the name of the logged-in user at the top right of the screen.