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Slovak National Accreditaion Service (SNAS) provided every effort to ensure that any information published on these web sites is correct and valid at the time they were put on the web sites.

All information and material published on www.snas .sk are of informative character and can be used only for personal needs. Published information are not usable for legal purposes. For further publishing, changing, reproducing or any other use of information and material the approval of SNAS is necessary. Use of data from for other than private purposes without SNAS approval is forbidden.

SNAS reserves the right at any time and without further notice to make adjustment and correction of information and to withdraw web site or published information wholly or partly. Every visitor of the web site acknowledges that any published information can be changed, amended or deleted for the reason of updates, due to elimination of disputed or erroneous information and also without giving reason.

SNAS do not take any responsibilities for any loss or damage resulting from access to the web site or information, or resulting from no accessibility or their use.

Any decision based upon information published on web site is sole responsibility of user. User must assess information published on the web site also from the timing of their publication, because published information can become outdated, because of the legislative changes and other reasons.

SNAS do not take any responsibilities for content of the third parties web servers, which are connected from this web server.
SNAS is not responsible for damages, losses and costs which arise due to the use of the web site, its possible malfunction, unauthorized changes of information by anyone, or form damages resulting from delays in information transmission, computer virus activity, fault lines or system or other similar causes.

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