SNAS Accreditation Marks

SNAS accreditation mark demonstrates that the organization is accredited by SNAS.

SNAS accreditation mark consists of:

  • SNAS logo,
  • Registration number “Reg. No. xxx/x-xxx”, where the first three numbers xxx is a member number of a SNAS registered member and the second number x-xxx is a number of an accreditation certificate in question. The letter x designates accreditation field:
    • K - Calibration laboratory
    • S - Testing laboratory
    • M - Medical laboratory
    • T- Proficiency testing provider
    • I - Inspection body
    • P - Certification body operating certification of products
    • Q, R - Certification body operating certification of management systems
    • O - Certification body operating certification of persons
    • SK-V - Environmental Verifier
    • V - Verifier of the Greenhouse gas emissions
    • N - Fulfillment of notification/ authorization requirements
    • G - Good laboratory practice
  • a blue frame around the SNAS logo and registration number.

The details concerning the use of marks can be found in MSA-02 “SNAS Logo and Marks.”

SNAS accreditation mark