Principal Features of Accreditation in SNAS

All natural or legal persons can apply for accreditation by SNAS. SNAS provides accreditation in a non-discriminatory manner, based on mutual agreement between the applicant and the accreditation body.

Accreditation is voluntary, not subject to any restrictive conditions, or to differentiated financial requirements.

The structure as well as all managerial and decision-making procedures of SNAS are fully transparent.

Dependence of the SNAS bodies and of the accredited organisations on any commercial or other financial interests with undesirable effects upon their activities and decisions, is excluded due to the measures taken.

In SNAS, the partiality of its bodies and accredited organisations during decision making and when declaring results of findings is excluded.

The activities of the SNAS bodies, including assessment during the accreditation process are performed by top-level experts in a given field of science, technology and practice in Slovakia, sufficiently familiar with the principles of accreditation.

SNAS has taken measures to ensure consistent adherence to the principles of protection of author rights and confidential information at all levels of the relevant SNAS bodies’ activity where confidential information could be found.

SNAS applies identical and uniform principles, including accreditation criteria, methods and relevant guidelines of accreditation for all applicants, according to the field of accreditation.

SNAS performs accreditation of all activities in the full range of the needs of the SR economy, including the area under legal regulation.

International compatibility
The activities of SNAS bodies are in compliance with internationally accepted accreditation principles, as well as with the EC Global Concept of Certification and Testing.

SNAS monitors and continuously ensures compatibility of its accreditation procedures and connected activities with international practice, in order to meet permanently the criteria of international agreements concerning mutual recognition.