Obligations in international organisations

As SNAS is a full member of international organizations EA, ILAC, IAF, FALB and MRA / MLA signatory it is obliged to fulfil, inter alia, additional requirements, as:

  • Support and participation in the EA, FALB and OECD peer evaluation programmes,

  • Exchange of information on the development and operation of accreditation systems (Cooperation with other NAB),

  • Active participation in the work and decision making of the EA, ILAC, IAF General Assemblies and EA MLA Council (EA MAC),

  • Active work in technical committees of the EA, ILAC, IAF and in working groups, where applicable,

  • Participation in regional and international proficiency testing activities and other interlaboratory comparisons;

  • Participation in the preparation and making comments of documents, standards and their updating, ...

SNAS has its representatives in:
  • EA Laboratory Committee (EA LC)

  • EA LC WG Testing

  • EA LC WG Calibration

  • EA LC WG Healthcare

  • EA Certification Committee (EA CC)

  • EA CC EU ETS Network Group

  • EA CC WG Environment

  • EA Inspection Committee (EA IC)

  • EPTIS Steering Committee

  • EA Search Facility WG

  • EA Horizontal Harmonization Committee

  • IAF WG GHG and Energy

  • Forum of Accreditation and Licensing Bodies (FALB)


SNAS represents interests of the Slovak republic on the EA, ILAC, IAF, FALB General Assemblies and committee meetings.