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Accredited body - Detailed information
Name: Technický skúšobný ústav Piešťany, š.p.
Address: Krajinská cesta 2929/9, 921 24 Piešťany
Org.Identif.No.: 00 057 380
Membership No.: 009
Address: Krajinská cesta 2929/9, 921 24 Piešťany
Tel.1: +421 33 7957 160
Tel.2: -
Contact Person
Name: Ing. Jozef Pillár, (1); Peter Summer (2); Ing. Tomáš Bednárik, (3); Ing. Dušan Letko, (4); Ing. Marián Svetlík, (5).
Position: Head of the Testing Laboratory
Fax.: +421 33 7957 172
Field of Accreditation: Testing laboratories
Certificate No.: S-047
Accr. Cert. Validity: Issuance Date 18.04.2016 - Valid until 13.09.2018
Accredited for: to carry out tests of physical, mechanical, functional, ergonomic, electrical and operation properties, tests of electromagnetic compatibility, tests of safety in use, electrical and ecology safety, tests of inflammability of the machinery, gas and solid fuel appliance, solar thermal systems, medical devices, armatures, fire extinguishers, toys, coaches, bicycles, packaging for transport of dangerous goods, isothermic transport and transfer means; determinantion of the parameters of gaming and entertainment devices; electronic cash registers and thermal printers; determination of the noise emission and imission and mechanical vibrations in the workplace and enviornment and of tested products within the accreditation scope delineated in the annex.
Scope of Accreditation: Annex SK   - Date: 18.04.2016

The laboratory gives evidence of competence to perform the tests impartially and trustworthily by meeting the requirements of the Standard ISO/IEC 17025 : 2005.

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